Saturday, March 20, 2010

Digital Stream Analog Pass-through DTV Converter Box by NHENS Digital, Inc.

Product By Digital Stream(12 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $53.97
Product Description

Convert over-the-air digital signals so you can see them on your analog TV with this Digital-to-Analog Converter Box. Make the transition from analog to digital broadcasting with ease. The analog pass-through feature ensures that you will be able to receive signals from both analog and digital stations. New factory sealed item. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships immediately! What's in the box Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Remote control "AAA" alkaline batteries (AAA) User's guide Startup guide RF cable
Technical Details
  • Capable of receiving major and minor free HDTV off-air signals
  • Capable of passing analog signals through to the TV set
  • High quality composite video L/R audio output
  • English/ Spanish on-screen menu
  • Fully compliant with ATSC standards

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Customer Reviews

"Simple and Works!" 2010-02-02
By J. West (Wright City, MO)
Like how this tuner will actually download the station's schedule and present it as a guide so we can see what is on other channels without having to actually flip to that channel. Working great to pick up our antenna's signal.

"Failed in short amount of time" 2010-01-16
By Edna (Saint Paul, MN)
Based on some initial reviews we purchased these converter boxes. One failed in 6 months the other failed in just over a year. Would not purchase this product again.

"Good while it lasts" 2009-12-16
By J. Hahn
Bought this product from radioshack in 2008 with our coupon. It worked well, though it did get hot at times. Started noticing a couple of months ago that some channels were not coming in a clear as they used to so we bought a stronger antenna which seemed to have fixed the problem. For the past month or so the converter box died a slow death. It would attempt to start up (light turning a pale green)and wouldn't recieve any channels. We would give it a couple of seconds turn it off and then back on again and it would work fine. Well this week when we turned on the power it would just constantly blink green without any reception whatsoever. Producted lasted about a year..not worth the additional money we forked over to Radioshack in 2008.

"Failed after one year" 2009-10-19
By Joe (PA)
Purchased two of these. After one year, one is still working, and one has failed.

"Bad as the box is, customer service is even worse." 2009-09-09
By Littlebird (Arizona)
Piece of trash. Never worked properly, finally gave up the ghost just after the warranty period ended. But what they use as customer service was beyond awful. According to them it was really MY fault it stopped working. Would give both product and company "no star" if that was an option.

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